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Load That Truck


LoadOut is an IoT hardware technology that improves the safety & efficiency of material handling by enabling people to monitor and control the entire loading process from a smartphone or tablet.

LoadOut Delivers Value


Health & Safety

LoadOut improves the health and safety of workers by reducing their need to climb ladders which removes exposure to dust, weather, & allergens.

Improved Security

LoadOut reduces commodity/material theft by only allowing trusted people to monitor and control the material handling process. This is made possible by Agcadia's social network.

Economic Gains

LoadOut allows a single person to load a transport vehicle. This reduces labor and improves the economic operations of your material handling facilities.

Easy to Install

LoadOut control pods are easy & convenient to install. The hardware modules are built in a modular fashion in an effort to provide facility managers optimal placement flexibility.

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Watch LoadOut In Action

IoT Hardware That Works Together

LoadOut hardware systems have been engineered in a way that pro


SpoutPod is mounted near the discharge spout from which bulk material flows. These hardware modules serve as the cameras which project a real-time video feed & wireless mesh access points to provide a strong Wi-Fi singal to the loading bay.


For loading facilities that use a portable auger or need the versatility of camera placement, we've developed the CranePod hardware module. It features a rugged "crane" style design on wheels for convenient placement & versatility of the visual module.


Flowpd is an IoT sensor that checks to make sure that the truck/trailer is properly aligned under a spout before a user can load bulk material. This is an optional hardware accessory that interfaces directly with LoadOut control pods.

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Industrial Solution @

One of the most frustrating aspects of technology in 2018 is that most hardware comes with pesky monthly or yearly subscription fees. LoadOut has none.

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Future Ready

LoadOut hardware modules have been engineered to work with the autonomous vehicles of the future. This may sound like science fiction - but is just another example of the ways that LoadOut hardware is setup to deliver years of economic value.

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LoadOut Works With Agcadia


LoadOut hardware modules have been built to work with the Agcadia mobile application. Agcadia is an app that improves the way people work, learn, & live. To learn more, please visit:

LoadOut Empowers People With Disabilities


"I haul more than 500 loads of grain a year for our farm & couldn't do it without LoadOut hardware. It helps our grain facility operate more efficiently too as the guy that used to have to load my truck for me can do other work around our farm."

Sir Charles / Truck Driver & Farm Manager



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