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LoadOut offers rugged material handling technology for agriculture, mining, aggregate, fertilizer, & manufacturing.

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LoadOut is a rugged hardware solution that makes it easy to load bulk material intro trucks, trains, & ships from a smartphone or tablet. This hardware works with the Agthena IoT ecosystem and provides tremendous value by improving employee safety while delivering a measurable return on investment.

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Benefits of LoadOut IoT Modules


Health & Safety

LoadOut improves the health and safety of people by reducing their exposure to dust, inclement weather, allergens, & removes the need to climb up ladders.


LoadOut reduces theft of commodity products by only allowing trusted people to monitor and control the material handling process. The camera also provides 24/7 video recording.


LoadOut provides a measurable return on investment by allowing a single person to load a transport vehicle with material - this added efficiency reduces labor.


In this era of technology, almost all hardware comes with pesky monthly or yearly subscription fees. With LoadOut, you won't have to deal with the recurring charges for your hardware.

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Engineered To Perform

LoadOut control modules are built rugged to deliver years of service in the most difficult of operating environments. Whether you're loading bulk material in Indiana or Sweden - you'll appreciate the rugged construction of LoadOut hardware.

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Here's What LoadOut Users Are Saying...


"I haul more than 500 loads of grain a year for our farm - LoadOut has made my job much safer and easier. It helps our grain facility operate more efficiently as I can put a guy who would normally be helping me load in another truck and get twice as much grain hauled every day."

Sir Charles / Truck Driver




Additional Hardware & Accessories

There are a variety of additional hardware & accessories that complement LoadOut control modules. These products allow people to monitor the process via high definition cameras, sensors, & provide network connectivity to devices that require internet.


"SpoutPod" Hardware Module:

LoadOut "SpoutPod" serves as the eyes and ears for the control modules. SpoutPods are mounted near the spout where the bulk material is discharged into the transport vehicle. These hardware modules contain high definition cameras which project a real-time video feed to Agthena mobile application. SpoutPods also contain indicator lights, Wi-Fi access points, & several Yellowbox synced sensors.


"BinBeam" Hardware Module:

If you want to gain the benefits of being able to visually monitor the flow of material into your transport vehicle with a high definition camera, but aren't wanting to invest in the capability to fully monitor and control the process, then the FillCam is a perfect fit. This is a compact unit comes set up with everything you need to get up and running which includes a camera, wireless access points, and ethernet cabling.


Yellowbox "LoadSense" Sensor Unit:

LoadSense is a product from Yellowbox that works to ensure a transport vehicle is positioned under the spout before a user can load the truck, train, or ship. This is an optional hardware accessory that interfaces with LoadOut control modules - but it really does provide a lot of value.

LoadOut Hardware Syncs With Agthena


LoadOut hardware modules have been built to interact with the Agthena mobile application ecosystem. Agthena was created to empower the lives of hard working people. To learn more about downloading the Agthena mobile application, please visit: www.Agthena.com