Additional Hardware & Accessories

There are a variety of additional hardware & accessories that complement LoadOut control modules. These products allow people to monitor the process via high definition cameras, sensors, & provide network connectivity within the loading bays.


LoadOut "SpoutPod" Hardware Module:

SpoutPod is mounted near the discharge spout from which bulk material flows. These hardware modules contain high definition cameras which project a real-time video feed & wireless mesh access points to provide a strong Wi-Fi singal to the loading bay.

SpoutPod can work independently of LoadOut control modules - providing a "visual only" monitoring solution for customers who do not desire the functionality that comes with control modules.


Yellowbox "BinBeam" Bridge Module:

Many grain, aggregate, and other types of bulk material handling facilities might not have internet access. However, many are within visual line of sight of a machinery shed, house, or other type of building that does. Yellowbox offers a product called "BinBeam" which transmits internet signal up to 2 miles (line of sight) so that your LoadOut hardware is able to function.


Yellowbox "TruckSense" Vehicle Detection Module:

TruckSense is a product from Yellowbox that works that validates the presence of a transport vehicle under the spout before a user can load bulk material from their smartphone or tablet. This is an optional hardware accessory that interfaces with LoadOut control modules - but it really does provide significant value - making the loading process more precise and robust.