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LoadOut offers rugged material handling technology for agriculture, mining, aggregate, fertilizer, & manufacturing.

LoadOut Solution Guide

We created the LoadOut Solution Guide to help you decide which combination of LoadOut hardware can best serve your facility.

Gravity Overhead Spouts

For material handling spouts that have a gravity fed system of slide gates or other type of equipment - LoadOut offers a comprehensive solution to address the unique needs of this sort of system.



Stationary Augers or Conveyors that have a single point of flow

For loading facilities that use a portable auger or need the versatility of camera placement, we've developed the CranePod hardware module. It features a rugged "crane" style design on wheels for convenient placement & versatility of the visual module.


Material Spouts

LoadSense is a product that ensure a transport vehicle is properly aligned under a spout before a user can load bulk material. This is an optional hardware accessory that interfaces with LoadOut control modules.



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